Pump up your profits and customer loyalty

  • Provide your customers with a better option for tire inflation and another reason to come back to you for service!
  • Add a profit building service to your offering


What makes our program unique and better than the competitors?

For dealer...

  • PetraFlate's state of the art machine can inflate up to six tires within 15-20 minutes or less.
  • The PetraFlate machine has a limited lifetime warranty. As long as you use our Nitrogen caps and program on every vehicle you sell the service to, we will maintain the machine for regular maintenance and repairs.
  • Our program promotes customer retention. We have developed a website at PetraFlate.net that helps you communicate to/and retain your customers. As long as you use our program, you will have access to our website - which allows you to send your PetraFlate enrolled customers e-mails, coupons or newsletters personalized with your logo. Send targeted communication that is unique to a single customer, a specific group or the entire list.

For customers...

  • Inflating and maintaining tires with nitrogen can increase the life of tires by 50%, improve fuel economy by 10% and reduce the likelihood of failure by as much as 75%.
  • Roadside Assistance (1 Year)
    Leave your keys in the car, run out of gas, or need a wrecker? These are all covered under the roadside assistance program for one year.
  • Road Hazard Service (1 Year)
    If they get a flat, we fix it. If the tire can't be repaired, we will replace the tire. (Up to plan limits)

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